DIE VERTRAUTE WELT / / / Trusted World ︎ ZONA D Program for Gegenwarten / Presences CHEMNITZ ︎ AUG ︎ SEP 2020 ︎                                                                         

♨︎ UNKRAUT / WEEDS, by Anna Zett 


During their residency the interdisciplinary artist and writer Anna Zett focused on wild plants and herbs that are growing near the Karl Marx monument and all around the city of Chemnitz. Primarily classified as weeds they receive little attention as medicinal plants. The herbalists of the nearby Ore Mountains (active until mid-19 century) made use of their medical substances by creating teas and ointments. Another, more social way was to release them in the air by burning them as incense. Anna Zett focused on the latter, and connected this practice with a historical research about the traditional wooden „Räuchermänner“ (Male incense smoker) which, in mid-19th century, became a popular artisan product from the Ore Mountains, releasing incense smoke while depicted holding a tobacco pipe. Do the recent versions of the Räuchermann figures that are depicting nurses, perform a twisted symbolic return to the medical herbalists?

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