DIE VERTRAUTE WELT / / / Trusted World ︎ ZONA D Program for Gegenwarten / Presences CHEMNITZ ︎ AUG ︎ SEP 2020 ︎                                                                         


SOMATIC EXPLORATION, Rodrigo Andreolli and Franziska Gerth 
happened on the 28th of August in different places of the city
website Rodrigo Andreollo: https://yo-wasser.hotglue.me/

Soma is the Greek word for BODY, through the body we are perceiving the world outside and ourselves, departing from the question "what's Chemnitz now?" Rodrigo Angreolli and Franziska Gerth invited people to listen to the city by engaging their own inner landscapes, dealing with imagination, movement, memory and storytelling. The somatic exploration was a tour to four different parts of Chemnitz and at each spot experiments happened with specific perception enhancement exercises.
It started at the "Schillingsche Figuren" at "Schlossteich" followed by exercises in the park next to it and a silent walk to the concrete structure in front of the space at Brückenstrasse/ "Die Vertraute Welt".  It continued at die "Alte Post" and ended at the "Park der Opfer des Faschismus".

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