DIE VERTRAUTE WELT / / / Trusted World ︎ ZONA D Program for Gegenwarten / Presences CHEMNITZ ︎ AUG ︎ SEP 2020 ︎                                                                         



🔹The Sacred Blue Lily🔹
“My inability to be in Germany’s Chemnitz during this September, has coincidentally contributed to my being a better-present friend, while carrying out my dedicated research on plants as light-sensitive surfaces and carriers of histories.
Which histories am I tracing, where and how should I extend this root?
Throughout the past three weeks, I grew a fascination and a curiosity towards the nymphaea caerulea plant. Known primarily as blue lotus, blue water lily, and sacred blue lily. One dragged me to the nile, asked for a lotus dance together, moved i from the desolated lands to be well-watered. Another is showing me the map to trace the root I’m growing.”
120mm color negative films.

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