DIE VERTRAUTE WELT / / / Trusted World ︎ ZONA D Program for Gegenwarten / Presences CHEMNITZ ︎ AUG ︎ SEP 2020 ︎                                                                         

By Julia Kiehlmann together with Mareike Hornof & Anne Hofmann

happened on the 22nd of September in front of Sparkasse at Moritzhof

The desire to make oneself at home, to regard it as a right that the body should feel comfortable, not only in private but also in public spaces, is the starting point for helping to shape them. From this can be derived the claim to remodel the city for this purpose and to adapt it to ones needs. Those who have access to this possibility will be more inclined to allow others to do so as well - and may even find the willingness to coordinate with them.

Between the satisfaction of basic needs and a dialogue about the rifts in political creeds, there is the opportunity to have an opening sewn into ones own clothing to make room for the changes desired.

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