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⋉ MAGICAL MATERIALISM, World-Building and Writing Workshop by Kristof Trakal

happened in three sessions throughout August


The writing workshop offered speculative techniques for world and utopian construction over 3 days from a post-socialist perspective. Worlds are designed for many things - science fiction novels, for films, in the design of goods, but also for future promises and state models. With the concept of utopia this could and can be overthrown by the socialist state utopia of the GDR. It is also about a reflection of the history of our present world and around the conditions that we need to be able to imagine other worlds. The workshop took the magical-realistic novels by Irmtraud Morgner and Ernst Bloch's utopian philosophy as the starting point.

On three days we devoted ourselves to different aspects of world building: Day 1 examines relationships of our body, objects and urban space as an experience; Day 2 is dedicated to social Dimensions of wage labor, reproductive labor and love; Day 3 examines the possibility of collective writing.
Sound piece from the texts developed during the workshop with the participation of Eliza Goldox, Franziska Gerth, Rodrigo Andreolli, Gian Spina, Samuel Georgy, Anna Zett, Felipe Steinberg, Yvonne Buchheim, Georg Scherlin, Seraina Leuenberger


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