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〖CRANIAL RELIC〗 By Tita Salina & Irwan Ahmett 


Amidst the pandemic worsening in Indonesia, Irwan and Tita deepen their relations with fear by utilizing gravitation and tens of artifacts they have been collecting for the last 6 years.

Fear is very archaic, it’s a chemical chain reaction embedded in the cranial. It instructs the body to react to increase heart rate, to produce cold sweats and anxiety irresistibly, the feeling is worrying. The reaction against fear is existed in every species. It works as a form of self-defense or showing recognition of power beyond self-authority. Turtles, Mimosa pudica, pangolins respond to fear by shrinking their bodies as a form of protection. Humans could be the only species that doing the opposite, they would ‘enlarge the size’ individually or collectively. Therefore, humans can be the most dangerous group of apes. Fear is like a relic nests in the cranial waiting to be ignored or resurrected by ourselves.

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