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With this intervention, I wanted to focus on the idea of collective behavior, and how working within a group of people can justify one's beliefs. as humans, we find strength in numbers, and we become more vocal and visible when we find others who share the same desires. this allows us sometimes to completely forget the core of the objective, the trigger.

What was the instigator for this act of coming together for a purpose?

Is it simply the need for a better change, or a reaction to a change that is coming?

Where did these ideas come from?

What incident started them?

Is it born from the hate, need, fear, or simply curiosity?

Is fear a reasonable justification for a reaction?

The radical far-right behavior is usually a reaction that is targeting an outsider because it's easy to point the blame to a shared enemy. You find people pointing out any small alteration or discomfort in the typical surroundings to oppose this change. disregarding all of the potential growth, positives, or opportunities that could be born out of it.

For this work, I would like to propose an outdoor small installation that provokes people with a sense of fear and curiosity to work collectively to an unknown goal.

The installation will be inspired by an experimental video game by studio 22Cans called: Curiosity a multiplayer social experiment. the game setting was a featureless and minimalist white room in the middle of which floated a giant cube made of billions of smaller cubes. players tapped the cubelets to dig through the surface of each layer and reveal the next layer below. the goal was to reach the center and to discover what was inside the cube.

Disregarding what the people found inside, the game was a phenomenon that highlighted the power of curiosity.

In my installation/performance, I want to introduce an object made out of wire mesh, with fabric tangled in it covering what's inside the object.

The interaction will be in the form of a collective need to reveal the unknown by untangling the fabric which will give the users confidence in the act.

Is the cube meant to be exposed?

Is the thing inside ready to be revealed?

Is the act of uncovering positive towards the future?

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